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  • Irene van Putten

    It’s been a while since I last used this theme, but here I am again, check it out on mightymusings.nl.

    However, I do have some suggestions for you.

    1) The featured image is not set as ‘the_post_thumbnail’, which is what I did change it to, since Facebook posting requires such and could not find the right post-image. Am I correct on this?

    2) As I often look for appropriate images for my blogposts I find it very convenient to have the source of the image inside the image (wp-caption-text), both on front page as well as in single post. Perhaps this is something that you may consider for your future themes?

    3) Of course, with all the changes I applied to this theme, I thought it would be best to produce a child theme. Now, how am I going to find out whether you have updated the parent theme 😉 (with all of WordPress’ turmoil lately?).

    That’s all for now.

    Kindest regards,
    Irene aka Pix

    Irene van Putten

    How can I include a screenhot?

    Irene van Putten

    The error is that the RSS-feed cannot be found? Is that because we chose the free version of the theme?

    Kind regards,

    Irene van Putten

    1. Bloggers – in general – do not post large images with their posts. So images will look strange in wide sliders. I think, furthermore, that people would like to see smaller images with links to the post and a small excerpt text in it that will shuffle. Preferrably based on categories or the most recent posts.

    2. After activating the ‘Bittero’ theme I added the Social Media links. When then I looked at the site and pressed the Twitter button I saw: https://mightymusings.nl/1. Which meant that my site looked for a post with that ID rather than my Twitter-account. I think that is a mayor error, don’t you?

    Irene van Putten

    Thanks for your response.

    1. But I do not think that sliders based on ‘sticky’ are handy or convenient! The ‘sticky’ posts in the slider also do not appear in the post list followed below.
    2. There is an error in the swt-social.php file!
    3. Thanks for the compliment!


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