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  • josiah Anderson

    I followed the directions provided in the email and the site was functional until I refreshed the screen, then all of the formatting went away. I am not an expert wordpress/web developer, but I used the free version of your Blue Steel theme with no issue. I paid for the Lasermo theme so that I could remove the copyright information. I just want to upload the new theme, activate the theme and have it work like the one in the demo. I don’t want to do anything extravagant. I just need a zip file that will upload and activate.

    Support Staff

    Hi Josiah,

    I’m not sure what you did, but if you followed instructions correctly, you couldn’t do anything wrong. Can you please send me your URL, or even better admin access to your site, I’ll set it for you. Just mark reply as private, and login info will be visible only to me.



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