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  • Mark Painter

    On my frontage I have installed the Blog shortcode. I like the way it is showing up but I need to get rid of the big orange date stamp thing. The posts are study guides so when they were created is not relevant. NOTE: I do want to use images with the posts

    Support Staff

    Hi again,

    this is out of the scope of support, but you can hire me to customize theme for you. I’m sending you email.


    Mark Painter

    If our ministry could afford to spend money I would be using Divi 2.0. I will pound around with it for a while and see what happens. This is certainly fair since I only paid 15.00. I do not expect you to give away all of your knowledge about this for that.

    Support Staff

    Normally I do share what I know, but this is the case where it’s easier to do it, than to explain it.


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