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  • Shane Silk

    It used to fix if I uploaded the template files set again. Many Many times uploaded. and renames image files and all of the mullarky.
    Now since purchasing & downloading the templates version from the official site here it just omits the slider and featured news sections and reloading the template files doesn’t help.
    Can anyone suggest a simpler style of wordpress theme that has been properly designed and doesn’t have all of the bugs. This one really shouldn’t have been released until it was fixed.

    Support Staff

    Hi Shane,

    We’re sorry if you’re having troubles.

    Now, we do not allow such thread titles, we stand behind our products, and we’re here to fix the problem if exists.

    Official version of theme is the same as free, with difference in links. So, if you used our free version (from this site), then there should be no errors in switching to paid version, they are the same.

    If theme has bug, or error, re-uploading files will not fix that. If there’s error, you’ll have it from the beginning, and once you re-upload it. So, something else is the problem here, but if it’s theme fault – be sure we’ll fix that!

    Please describe the problems. What you re-uploaded and why? What wasn’t working? URL?

    Best regards,

    Support Staff

    Setting thread as resolved due to inactivity.


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