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  • wayan catur wartha

    Hi team support,

    How to change sub menu on my page http://www.lombok-wayout.com, I want sub menu text fix with the background color in one line, in my website sub menu bit long text, its come 2 lines, how to make background sub menu in one line, I want to send you the screen shoot but I dont know how to send it.


    Support Staff


    you can add this to appearance / theme options / scripts / custom css:

    	#menu-primary-items ul,
    	#menu-primary-items ul a {
    		width: 300px !important;
    	#menu-primary-items ul ul {
    		left: 307px !important;

    Increase / decrease 300px according to your will. If you change 300px to 280px, you need to adjust left: 307px !important; to left: 287px !important;
    Left property must be exactly 7px larger.



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