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  • Mark Painter

    I lost my portfolio – it just stopped working. My site shows up as though I never setup the short code. This is what is on my page:

    [portfolio cats=”parental,social,spiritual,prayer” number=”4″ cols=”4″]

    When I enter the “c” (cekito shortcode menu) and click on portfolio I get the following message:

    “You must install Custom Content Portfolio plugin in order to use this shortcode”

    It is already installed and setup: However:

    Custom Content Portfolio did update – when I went to the portfolio tab I found that there were no items in it.


    I removed it and reinstalled Custom Content Portfolio 1.0.0 and the items I originally put in just showed up again. However, there are still no tiles showing up on the page they are assigned to.

    Any Ideas?

    Mark Painter

    Just a note: When I enter the shortcode menu, I still get an announcement that I need to install Custom Content Portfolio.

    Support Staff

    Hi Mark,

    this is all caused by custom content portfolio upgrade. I’ll update Ceckito to work with the latest plugin version.


    Support Staff

    You may re-download theme from your account page. It’s updated to work with the latest version of custom content portfolio.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Mark Painter
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    Support Staff

    Oh, I thought you bought Ceckito. Prices are now $19, however you may download free version, it’s also updated. The only difference is the footer link.


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