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  • Mark Painter

    In the Ceckito theme there is an area where there are portfolio items with rollover actions. I have been attempting to get this feature setup but I am flying blind. I need some information to get me started. If you could just provide some general instructions I can figure out the rest.

    I found a directory called gallery.php – What is the gallery related to?

    The site is http://www.familyhealth360.com

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    Support Staff

    Hi Mark,

    there’s a shortcode called portfolio under media tab. Open it, and it will ask you to install custom content portfolio plugin by Justin Tadlock (when you click on a link in shortcode, it’ll lead you directly to plugin installation page, and plugin will be listed first).

    Install plugin, activate and add content to it. Then get back to shortcode and shortcode options will show when you open it again.


    Mark Painter

    I found some screenshots and a video at the Justin Tadlock site. Thank for your help.

    Support Staff

    Great, glad it’s solved!


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