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  • Nicole Tomczak


    I recently purchased the 2checkito theme from you guys and i would like to have a banner on the top left side instead of the text i currently have.

    Also i would really like to know how i can change the colours on the theme and possibly also have the blue ribbon like you have on the demo for the theme..

    Best regards

    Support Staff

    Hi Nicole,

    I answered you about changing the logo here. To change the colors, you’ll need to learn CSS for that, though Ceckito has a lot of options, and you can create custom colored sections through shortcodes.
    Check out videos here about Ceckito:

    For example, you can create custom look of call to action. First you would go and create a section (in post editor click on “C”, and you’ll get pop-up). Click on Section, and you’ll see the options to set custom title color, background, background image… Click insert when you’re done.

    Now go to “C” again, “Content Elements / Call to action”. Set your title and colors for call to action, and see the result.

    Let us know if you have more questions.


    Syed Sharjil Hassan

    How can i add custom logo to the 2Ceckito theme? Please help me.

    Support Staff

    Hi Syed,

    paste this code in functions.php:

    	add_filter( "hybrid_site_title", "my_custom_image" );
    	function my_custom_image( $title ) {
    		$tag      = ( is_front_page() ) ? "h1" : "div";
    		$title    = get_bloginfo( "name" );
    		$site_url = get_option( "siteurl" );
            $img = '<a title="'. esc_attr( $title ) .'" href="'. esc_url( $site_url ) .'"><img src="URL TO YOUR IMAGE" alt="'. esc_attr( $title ) .'" /></a>';
            $title = sprintf( '<%1$s id="site-title">%2$s</%1$s>', tag_escape( $tag ), $img );
            return $title;

    Replace URL TO YOUR IMAGE with link to your logo.

    Andrew Rice

    Hi, this is kind-of working for me. The image doesnt show up, just the “missing image icon”. Please take a look:

    Support Staff

    Hi Andrew,

    your link to image should be full URL, like this:


    Andrew Rice

    Ah…of course. I was trying to use a relative link. Thanks!

    Support Staff

    Glad it’s solved!


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