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What are custom fields?

Custom fields are special wordpress option, used to add extra informations to posts, like on many of our themes – to add images to the slider, gallery etc.

Where are custom fields?

Custom fields are hidden by default, and you’ll find them ONLY on post / page editor, when you’re adding new content, or modify existing. Go to the “Screen Options” (top right corner of your dashboard), check them to appear, and then close “Screen Options” by clicking on it again. Image bellow shows where “Screen Options” are. Custom field button needs to be checked in order to appear. Once enabled, custom fields will appear bellow the editor.
Here are the custom fields!!!

Slider not working

There are 2 different ways of how sliders on our themes are working:

1. with setting images in custom fields
2. and setting featured images for posts

In both cases, there are 2 general rules that you have to follow and those are:

1. Enable slider (login to wp-admin, Appearance / SWT Theme Options / Slider Settings)
2. Select sliding category and number of slides (also in Slider Settings).

For some themes, there’s no option to select number of slides, they do that automatically,
by setting number of slides to 3, 4, 5, exactly – to the maximum number of slides that is meant to be in the slider, and how your site looks the best possible.

Now, to set custom fields, you’ll need to enable them first! They are hidden by default since wordpress 3.0. Go to the “Screen Options” (top right corner of your wp-admin) and check them to appear. and then close “Screen Options” by clicking on it again. Image bellow shows where “Screen Options” are:

Once custom fields are enabled, sliding category and number of slides are set, go and open latest post that is under selected sliding category.

You’ve selected “Featured” category to appear in the slider, and you have 3 posts in that category. Open the latest post in Featured category, and bellow post you’ll see custom fields (empty, off course).

Now, you should add on the left side (where it says “Name”) slide, and on the right side, (where it says “Value”) link to the image that you want to appear in the slider. Of course, you need to upload image on your site, and paste url here. You can just use wordpress image uploader to select image from your hdd, upload it, and copy url that uploader will show, and paste it in the “Value”.

Hint: If you dont want this image to show in post, you dont need to click “Insert into post” or “Use as featured image”, just close it on “X”.

The other way of setting images into the slider is to set images as featured.

Go to latest post of selected sliding category and on the bottom right side under “Post tags” you’ll see a “Set featured image” option, and click on it.

Upload the image, click “Use as featured image” and thats it! Image will appear now in the slider.

Known problem with sliders

Non – english users must carefully choose category that will be selected in slider setting (sliding category), cause our theme options doesn’t support non – english characters! So, if category has non-english character in it, spacing between words, this can cause slider not to work. Name category with “english safe” characters, and there won’t be problems!

Whats the advantage of custom fields?

This way you can set different image for the slider that will not appear in the post, only in slider. Also, sliders on our themes are often bigger width then posts width, and you would need bigger image for the slider.

How to put posts in the slider that are in different categories?

Make additional category, for example “Featured” category, and all posts that you want in the slider, add in to “Featured” category too.

Font problems

Many of our themes are using cufon font replacement method.

Depending on font we’re using in theme, titles may not working as it should. For example, some fonts just dont support japanese, chinese letters, cyrillic letters etc. If you have this kind of a problems, and you want to fix this, there’s no other way then to remove cufon! To do this, you must open header.php and find Cufon.replace function. You need to delete this whole function, and you may also want to delete calls for cufon-yui.js file and call for cufonized font (always bellow cufon-yui.js in header.php).

So, delete this 3 things, and it will work good. You may need to adopt css little bit, but thats the only way.

How to prevent full post from showing up on the frontpage?

You can limit amount of text that will show up on the frontpage on any desired amount.

All  you need to do is to click on “Insert more tag”, in your post editor where you want text to break.

What not to do?

Do not install wp pagenavi plugin, since its built into theme. It will just mess your site. Use the one in the theme, its the same one.

Am I allowed to change footer links?

No, footer links must remain intact. Changing them may cause your site stop working.

My site stopped working, what should I do?

You should reinstall theme using ftp, or files that are changed. If you dont have ftp access, request it from your hosting provider.

Need more help?

If you have a specific question about theme, and you can’t find your answer in our FAQ section, you can contact us here. You’ll typically get a response within 24-48 hours.

If you email us, please keep in mind that we are busy folks (volunteers at this site) that offer help for free! We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions and emails as soon as possible.


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